About Bluetree

We are a full-service group of designers, project managers, cabinet engineers, and craftsmen with robust resources and a passion for your projects.

St. Joseph, MO, is Bluetree’s hometown. Our company started here and continues to grow here.

Our business has two parts:

Bluetree makes restaurant interior décor packages for national chain restaurants. We make the booths
and tables, the serving lines, the beverage stations, the bar — all the cool interior design that illustrates
the brand—like Starbucks, Qdoba, Noodles, Growler, Extreme Pizza and others that you probably
recognize and visit. We build those things here and ship them all around the country for installation.


Bluetree creates custom kitchens, baths, greatrooms, closets and other home interior projects as well as
commercial interiors, exclusively for our local community. A dedicated design and project management
team oversee local projects, but our entire team of skilled craftsmen create the cabinetry and millwork.

Welcome to Bluetree Local!

2201 Messanie Street, St. Joseph, MO 64501
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